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Vintage A Coin Wallet Clearance 2018 Retro Lady Wallet fossil Hasp Noopvan Clutch wallet Mini Bag Purse xZv8qXa5 Vintage A Coin Wallet Clearance 2018 Retro Lady Wallet fossil Hasp Noopvan Clutch wallet Mini Bag Purse xZv8qXa5
To each issue of magazine Vi Läser I make a portrait of an author and their favorite word. Above you can see Marie-Louise Ekman, Jan Lööf, Johannes Anyuru, An...
Illustration for a shoe bag, sent out as an invitation to a party where the winners in Postens annual advertising contest Guldlådan. Agency: Åkestam Holst
Wallet Clearance Coin Bag 2018 Noopvan A Retro Vintage Lady Wallet Mini wallet Clutch Hasp fossil Purse Illustrations for food brand Garant fresh pasta collection. The German design magazine PAGE wrote an article about the packaging, read it HERE! Agency: BAS
Illustrations for Dagens Nyheter Söndag. The swedish author Susanna Alakoski writes about the 200.000 children in Sweden that lives in destitution, and the fact ...
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Lady Bag A Wallet Clutch wallet Noopvan Clearance Hasp fossil Retro Wallet Mini Purse 2018 Vintage Coin Contribution to FI’s anthology ”Det händer nu” by Lisa Rydje.
Higgs is a fashion and science magazine made by a french photographer. To issue two which is all about the body I contributed with a few illustrations.
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Hasp Bag Wallet wallet Purse Lady Clutch 2018 Wallet A fossil Retro Vintage Coin Mini Clearance Noopvan My illustration "Coffee & Anemones" is a third place winner in the Nescafé Azera Competition. The theme is "Taste of the city".
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Portraits of Macron and Merkel for Tiden Magazine. The article discusses how Macron wants to change EU and make it more socialistically, Merkel on the other hand...
Illustrations for Het Parool, an Amsterdam based newspaper. In the article the children’s book author Manon Sikkel gives tip’s on how to write a book for chi...
"Girl with jacket" is one of 19 Illustrations exhibited at Snickarbacken 7 between the 1/3 to the 31/4 2018. "Annelie will show her serie based on imaginary...
Illustration to a bookcover for the american poet Shauna Hannibal. "I'M SO HOT BUT I'LL BE WAY HOTTER Standing here worried About everybody's...
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Illustration to Fokus Magazine. Ralph Lauren celebrates 50 years in business so there for Fokus is writing about Ralph and his development of The Ivy Look!
fossil Clearance Wallet A 2018 Wallet Lady Bag Coin Vintage Hasp Mini Purse Clutch Noopvan wallet Retro Portraits for Dagens Nyhterof movie directors that is still active after they have reach quite a high age.
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Clearance wallet A Vintage Wallet Coin Retro Noopvan fossil 2018 Purse Bag Hasp Clutch Mini Wallet Lady Work for a new french magazine called Spirit. The illustrations are made for an health section and is based on the classic tale about a race between a turtle and...
Illustrations for Arket, H&M's new concept store that recently opened in London. The illustrations of vegetables and fruits were put on the packages of glass...
Various illustrations to different issues of the New York-based food magazine Everyday with Rachael Ray.
Fashionstory "Together" for The Way We Play. "You and I. We are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. Sweet child of mine. Summer wears our heartbeat....
Drawings of furniture that is inspired by nature for the magazine Plaza Deco. Above you can see the armchair Helena, the lamp Milk, the chair Raw, the bench...
Cover illustration for Tiden Magazine. Ernst Wigforss was Swedens Minister of Finance back in the 30's. According to Tiden he got something to learn current Prime...
A Bag Noopvan Retro fossil Lady wallet Coin 2018 Purse Vintage Hasp Clearance Wallet Mini Wallet Clutch Illustrations to issue nr 3 of Period Magazine. The issue have the theme "Girlcrush" and is made by the fantastic photographer Lena Modigh.
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