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Clearance with with Lightweight Crossbody Tassel Bag Deer CieKen Gray Pendant Small Medium FwrCHxFq

Aarhus, Denmark has never had a place like Kupé. Then again, Aarhus had never had a venue like Train before, Kupé’s live event/discotheque sister venue located right next door.

Kupé is Train’s trendy lounge attachment, a luxurious place to warm up before a concert or cool down afterwards. More big city London or New York than Aarhus, guests can venture back and forth between Train’s upbeat atmosphere and Kupé’s more intimate setting. The 350 capacity lounge maintains a sociable, comfortable atmosphere because, as Kupé itself states, “Not everyone can dance all night long.”

Clearance CieKen Bag Tassel Lightweight Pendant Deer Small Crossbody Medium Gray with with Kupé’s architectural design, and lighting scheme, was by Henrik Bønnelycke who was intent on giving Aarhus something it didn’t already have. Visibly inspired by contemporary big city club trends, his design even permeates the venue’s bar, chairs and tables.

At first glance it becomes quickly obvious that lighting is what makes the venue unique with large ceiling and wall-mounted projection canopies awash in ample amounts of rich color – greens, oranges, blues, reds, and pinks. All that color comes courtesy of Martin color changing luminaires, a complete lighting system, and sound, supplied by Martin Scandinavia. Conventional tubes and halogen downlights provide additional lighting.

Cyclo and Alien color change

Behind six wall-mounted projection screens surrounding a central bar area are Martin Cyclo 04 fluorescent color changers flooding the space with ever changing shades while decorative images and flickering flames are overlaid by Martin Mania DC2 fire effects.

with Tassel Pendant Medium Gray Lightweight Deer Bag Clearance with Crossbody CieKen Small More Cyclo 04s backlight seven large recessed circles or sky domes in the ceiling (4 in each dome), giving the appearance of light emanating from above when in actuality the bar sits on the ground floor of a multi-floor hotel. The effect is both uplifting and spacious.

In a uniquely designed lighting element created by the architect himself, ceiling-mounted Alien 02 color changing spots project straight down through a tunnel of special light-guiding mesh that also acts as a projection surface. The effect is of large, color changing ceiling to floor lamps, a type of modern-day lava lamp.

Along the façade windows a row of recessed RGB color mixing Cyclo 04 Wallwashers color the length of the space. Visible from the street outside, they provide a hint of what awaits inside. Finally, a double-doored area between Train and Kupé used to keep Train’s louder beats from invading the lounge is illuminated by more Cyclo 04 Wallwashers.

Lighting control

Lighting control is by a PC-based LightJockey system with all scenes and sequences triggered via a touchscreen so employees can easily decide what mood they want in the lounge. All conventional and halogen lighting is also controlled via LightJockey through 516 II DMX to 0-10 converters. Henrik Kristensen of Martin Scandinavia completed all lighting programming for Kupé.

Kupé audio

As Kupé is more for yapping than yelling, the audio system is appropriately discreet. New customizable Martin FLAT Panel speakers are disguised in the ceiling – supporting subs as well – painted white to blend perfectly. FLAT offers a unique ambient audio atmosphere in an innovative, slim speaker that manages to seamlessly integrate sound with interior design.


* Martin Alien 02
* Martin Alien 05
Lightweight Small with Crossbody Bag Deer with Clearance Pendant CieKen Gray Medium Tassel
* Martin Cyclo 04
* Martin Cyclo 04 Wallwasher
* Martin Mania DC2
Small Deer Tassel Crossbody Clearance with Lightweight with Medium Gray Pendant Bag CieKen
* Martin FLAT Panel
* Martin LightJockey
* Martin Power Switchpack 12
* Martin 516 II Converter

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Deer Bag with Small Lightweight Tassel with Gray Pendant Clearance CieKen Medium Crossbody
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